Old Vicarage

digitalspaceThis is a short CG sequence, modelled in ads Max and rendered in Vray. This means that all you see in this video was digitally created e.g. this beautiful place doesn’t exist. It was however inspired by the renovation of an historic building near Malmö in Sweden. Well done! Source

West 57th project by BIG

Internationally renowned Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group has revealed their design of “west 57th”, a new 600-unit residential building in new york city. Source: Denmark.dk

Interior Trends 2012 – Bolia

Nature is the main source of inspiration this season, and Bolia focuses on two themes: Secrets of the Forest and Northern Light. All elements in nature are present in the 2012 collection: organic patterns from the animals, warm colors, natural materials, etc. Read more.

Source: Bolia.com